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Open Data


Wetting hydrodynamics on inclined surfaces

AI models predicting droplet motion on inclined heterogeneous surfaces.

The RAISE-LPBF-Laser benchmark


A large dataset on the effect of laser power and laser dot speed in powder bed fusion (LPBF) of 316L stainless steel bulk material.


Training convolutional neural networks to estimate turbulent sub-grid scale reaction rates

Results of three Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) of a methane-air slot burner.


Actuated turbulent boundary layer flows

Results of highly resolved simulations of actuated turbulent boundary layer flows with varying parameters.


Wetting hydrodynamics on horizontal surfaces

Training Fourier neural operator (FNO) models to predict droplet dynamics


Particle Flow Reconstruction

This High-Energy Physics dataset contains terascale data on physics events with full GEANT4 simulation, suitable for Particle Flow (PF) reconstruction.

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