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Use Cases

From theory into practice. Science joins forces with experts from industry.

When experts from both fields come together and contribute their know-how, the best results can indeed be achieved. In the course of the RAISE project, we want to exploit this symbiosis and optimize processes and further improve results in a constant exchange.


AI for turbulent boundary layers

04_Large Eddy Simulation.png

Smart models for next-generation aircraft engine design


Seismic imaging with remote sensing for energy applications


AI-assisted respiratory flow simulations

02_Wind farm simulation_Bild1.png

AI for wind farm layout optimization


AI for wetting hydrodynamics

08_Additive Manufacturing pilot line 22-

Defect-free metal additive manufacturing


AI for data-driven models in reacting flows

06_CMS Experiment at the LHC-CERN.png

Event reconstruction and classification at the CERN HL-LHC

Sound Engineering

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