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Public Deliverables

D2.1 : Best Practice Guidelines/Tutorials for MSA/heterogeneous systems

D2.2 : Report on porting and performance analysis

D2.3 : Report on porting and performance analysis

D2.5 : Best Practice Guidelines/Tutorials Prototype

D2.6 : Support Report

D2.7 : Support Report

D2.8 : Benchmarking & support report

D2.12 : Software Layout Plan for a Unique AI Framework

D2.13 : Software layout plan for a unique AI framework

D6.1 : Educational services platform

D6.2 : Educational portfolio document

D6.3 : Educational portfolio document

D6.5 : Network Evaluation Document

D6.6 : Network Evaluation Document

D6.8 : Visual Identity

D6.9 : Visual Identity

D6.10 : Communication and Dissemination Plan

D6.11 : Communication and Dissemination Plan

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