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​CoE RAISE oganized a seminar on its Interaction Room technique to boost interdisciplinary collaboration

CoE RAISE organized a seminar titled “HPC Systems Engineering in the Interaction Room” from 12:00-14:00 CEST on April 8th, 2021. The event, which was virtually hosted by project partners from the University of Iceland, focused on the general Interaction Room technique that facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration in complex software projects, emphasizing the intertwining of AI and HPC.

The seminar demonstrated how CoE RAISE aims to perform co-design activities with this Interaction Room technique to understand the domain requirements and technical restrictions, and to identify aspects of particular scientific value and the most critical risks. The seminar further outlined initial lessons learned in intertwined HPC and AI applications. Using the Interaction Room helps to prevent costly misunderstandings in early project stages, and can support communication between stakeholders throughout the course of the project.

View the recording:

View the presentations:

RAISE CoE Seminar Welcome

CoE RAISE Use Case Foundations and Lessons Learned from Fact Sheets

Introduction to the Interaction Room Approach

HPC Systems Engineering with Interaction Room & Lessons Learned

RAISE CoE Seminar Closing

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